China vs. the Truth, Part II

Media Warfare & the Coronavirus There will be much cause for happiness next month when China ushers in the Year of the Ox at its Spring Festival/New Year celebration. China reported a record trade surplus of US $75 billion in November, fueled by a 21 percent surge in exports compared with the same period lastContinue reading “China vs. the Truth, Part II”


Back in February 24, in this blog, I warned about Covid-19 and disinformation. This was around the time when the World Health Organization identified misinformation and falsehoods being circulated about Covid-19 as an “infodemic.” As this pandemic raged, we witnessed simultaneous ruses in the form of many different disinformation campaigns aimed at the general public.Continue reading “VACCINATION Q & A”


PART ONE: A brief analysis of the People’s Republic of China’s Three Warfares, and how it conducts disinformation (DI) campaigns and media warfare Lost amid endless speculation in social media about the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a simple reality: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which runs the government of the People’s Republic ofContinue reading “CHINA vs. THE TRUTH”